SUPERMAN 40 MG – 50 Tablets


Superman (Cialis x Viagra)
40 MG – 50 Tablets

Superman combines the benefits of Cialis and Viagra by supporting blood circulation to the penis, aiding in relaxation, helping maintain an erection and treating erectile dysfunction. Superman also increases erection for those who are already sexually aroused.
The good thing about it is once you have taken it; you can help how the erection builds up quickly than the normal rate.
Even though there may be differences between Viagra and Cialis, it is worth noticing that both medicines work in a similar way.
The specifics of action involve the binding of nitric oxide to the guanylate cyclase receptors, which increases cGMP levels. This produces a smooth muscle relaxation, which in turn opens the pathway for increased blood flow. Viagra belongs to the class of drugs known as cGMP Specific Phosphodiesterase type 5 or PED5.

Important note: Superman as well as other PED5 medications cannot cause or promote an erection without sexual stimulation. They do not have an effect on libido. The subject must be sexually aroused to obtain an erection. In the case of Superman the problem for the subject is that the desire is there but the erection is not found. Superman should reverse this issue if blood flow is the cause.

Superman is classified under drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors and they work by blocking an enzyme by the name phosphodiesterase type 5. Superman is also known to boost some chemical in the body called nitric oxide and this helps the muscles of the penis to relax.
When the muscles of the penis are relaxed, there is free flow of blood to the penis and one feels or gets aroused hence leading t an erection. The other good thing about the steroids is that one is able to maintain an erection for a long time during sex.
Superman is capable to staying in the body or rather blood stream for around six hours whereas Cialis remains in the blood stream for close to 17 hours or even longer. If you are on some sort of medication, it is important to watch out so that you do not take the drug for long maybe it would be wise to go for Viagra or Cialis alone.

The best time to have Superman is an hour before having sexual intercourse and one has to be very cautious and not rush over things. Sex is not something to be rushed neither is it a competition, it is an act that is enjoyable so it is good to keep things very simple and not complicate it. Superman works best when the stomach is somehow empty and one is always advised to avoid alcohol and foods that have got fats in them. The tablets can be taken at least 90 minutes after a meal.

Medical Disclaimer
Please we urge you to contact your physician and do thorough research before starting any type of diet, exercise program, supplement program, drug therapy or if you feel that you may have an existing medical condition.
The information presented here should not be considered medical recommendation in any way. Legal issues regarding anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and other performance related drugs vary from state, province and country. If these drugs are illegal according to the laws governing, please do not engage in their use.


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